Jarett Kobek – Only Americans Burn in Hell

An immortal faery queen from a magical gynocratic island arrives in Los Angeles to track down her missing daughter. This is actually the entire plot of a novel entitled Only Americans Burn in Hell. Of course, as in Jarett Kobek’s previous book, I Hate the Internet, the fictional element is a foil, with most of the pages devoted to sociopolitical diatribe laced with various kinds of life writing.

It’s also basically the same diatribe in both books, against a global society in which ‘everyone’s life is still dominated by the whims of the very rich and the social mores of the slightly rich’. Everyone’s to blame: President Trump’s supporters are referred to simply as ‘the Fucking Assholes’, no worse than ‘liberals in the celebrity branch of American governance’ and ‘the faux-left who write books for Rupert Murdoch’. Twitter outrage is ‘a shitty iteration of the Church’. And ‘the socialists are the most annoying people in America’…

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