The Macho Gringo

“I must say that one of the actors I hate most in the world is John Wayne”, Homero Aridjis digressed. “A macho hero, killing Indians, pushing women around – I can’t stand this character: the macho gringo.”

And the macho gringo is now occupying the White House. (In the words of Octavio Paz: “the macho commits chingaderas, that is, unforeseen acts that produce confusion, horror and destruction. He opens the world; in doing so, he rips and tears it, and this violence provokes a great, sinister laugh”.)

“For me he is like the cowboys of the Wild West: they have their guns, and sometimes they take the gun out, or they don’t, and you don’t know which. The Mexican government does not know how to deal with him. There is no rationale, no protocol.”

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