Kevin McCarty and Brandon Bourg were light-hearted and beaming, having made it up from Lafayette, Louisiana, to their nation’s capital. Close friends, twenty-four and twenty-one, an oil worker and a law student, neither of them bad-looking (gym-bulky), they held the hottest tickets in town for young Trump supporters like themselves: to the “Deplorables’ Inaugural Ball”. McCarty had an enormous stye on one eyelid (“I’m going to a ball and now this happens?”), but otherwise I sensed the pair thought they could do well at the ball. Maybe it was just the name, “Deplorables”: Hillary Clinton’s rebuke re-appropriated to suggest irreverence, maybe naughtiness, with a hint of rock and roll abandon. Either way, at the least, they were about to ride the very crest of their chosen political wave as it crashed into power…

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